Greetings from Stockholm!


My name is Anna and I’m going to be a senior at the University of Minnesota; I’m working towards a major in history with a focus on 20th century American history and a minor in African-American history. I’m so unbelievably thrilled to be studying in Stockholm for three weeks this summer, with a week-long interlude in Reykjavik, Iceland for my Study Tour!

Here with some new friends in Södermalm, Stockholm! I’m the second from the left.

I’m taking a course entitled the Power of Women in the Viking Age, which is exciting to me not only because I’m a history nerd, but also because the professor, Lena Norrman, is my Swedish professor at the University of Minnesota. I’ve been taking Swedish language courses for four semesters now and it’s so exciting to experience the language and culture first hand. It’s also very nice to see a familiar face teaching the class.

A few blocks from The Royal College of Music where DIS classes are held.

I have wanted to study abroad in college for a very long time, but it seemed difficult to manage during the school year. However, a 3-week long course in the summer, where can I get extra traveling in during the Study Tour, seemed a perfect fit!  

Since arriving in Stockholm, I have already come to adore the Swedish people and their very balanced, lagom (just right) way of living. Stockholm seems a charming, almost utopian society nestled within the islands and archipelagos of southeastern Sweden.

Södermalm again… I have so many pictures of Stockholm streets on my camera roll.

The streets are unbelievably clean and the cars are always willing to stop for you! Riding the tunnelbana (the subway, or one of my favorite words to pronounce in swedish) has been a great way to experience local transportation and is surprisingly easy.  

My goals for this trip are simply to make the most of everyday and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my time abroad. Hopefully I’ll get brave enough to make some use of my Swedish as well!

Thanks for reading! Updates are soon to follow,

Vi ses!

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