Getting Lost in Copenhagen

The term “getting lost” comes with so many bad connotations, especially when traveling in a foreign country. The fear of getting lost is a big deal for many people. Whether you’ve traveled in Denmark in the past, are here now or will visit in the future, the concern of losing your way has most definitely crossed your mind at one point. No matter where you stand, have no fear, getting lost in Denmark is an incredible experience.

When visiting a European country, especially for the first time, the repeating and hard to find street names can make navigation pretty tough. While Google Maps is 100% your best friend, getting lost is NOT the worst thing in the world, especially in Copenhagen.

I am currently living about 25-minutes from my classes and while that may seem like a lot. The walk is absolutely beautiful. Here’s what my daily commute looks like every morning;


Despite two weeks of walking home every day, I still manage to get lost without the help of my phone about every other day. That time mindlessly strolling has created the most beautiful memories. One day, in particular, I got lost walking home from seeing the Little Mermaid statue. I ended up in the most beautiful garden with a church on one side and a lake on the other. As I kept exploring, I ended up walking through old military housing. Who knew such a beautiful place exists just moments from my building?


Another day, I got lost walking home from class. On this particular journey, I came across some gorgeous restaurants and shops. Just moments from downtown, it was obvious to me that I found a local hangout. I stumbled into a store and picked up the cutest lunch box and a bouquet of flowers.


When traveling in Copenhagen, especially for the first time, try and disconnect. Ignore Google Maps and get lost. This city is a lot like an onion, it has some beautiful layers (notice the Shrek reference). If you don’t take a day or two to get lost and find some local hangouts, you’ve wasted a trip.

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