Gabrielle’s Advice to Future Students

Gabrielle, Spelman College, studied abroad at DIS Copenhagen. During her semester, she passed on advice for creating a unique study abroad experience.

Read Gabrielle’s letter and learn more about what to expect from a semester abroad with DIS.

Gabrielle in virtual reality gear

Embarking on exploring everything Scandinavia is an experience that will shape you forever. From being taught by amazing professors who are also working in their respective fields, to networking with local professionals, to being humbled by what you called “biking” only to find out that you were doing it totally wrong all your life, your time at DIS is everything!

I’ve learned just how independent I am, that teaching is a two-way street, that I can cook all of a sudden, that true friendships and bonds do happen within months, and most importantly, that there is nothing I cannot overcome.

No one’s abroad experience is the same, but I can guarantee you they will all be impactful.

The courses I took and the professors I matriculated under not only challenged me in my studies but even drew a clearer picture of what I want to do in life. The hosts that I stayed with engaged me in the local culture and also treated me as if I was their own child. The traveling I was able to do exposed me to breathtakingly iconic wonders and brought me some of the greatest encounters with strangers.

No one’s abroad experience is the same, but I can guarantee you they will all be impactful. Scandinavia does not just stop after your semester, it becomes a part of you. Step out into new territory, take a chance, and grow.

Welcome to Scandinavia. This hidden gem will quickly become your home away from home if you allow it to.

I wish you all the best!

More about Gabrielle

While abroad, Gabrielle studied in the Communication program at DIS. After class, she enjoyed exploring Copenhagen as well as documenting her semester through her blog.

Gabrielle’s Courses

>> New Media and Changing Communities

>> International Advertising in a European Context

>> Photojournalism

>> Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Analysis

>> Religion and Politics in Europe

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