Five Ways to Fika

Fika [‘fi:,ka]: the quintessence of Swedish values for quality time and relaxation. The recipe is simple, but sacred: combine equal parts coffee, pastries, and company for a moment to reflect. A pillar of Swedish day-to-day life, fika is the way Swedes connect – don’t miss out on an opportunity to join.

So… how will you fika?

  1. During a relaxing weekend with your Homestay hosts
    Fika is commonly celebrated in the quiet comfort of one’s own home. Sit together, discuss current events, or catch up on your week.
  2. After a fast-paced day of cross-country skiing
    Sweden’s vast natural landscape makes the perfect setting for one of the country’s most popular sports: cross-country skiing. Join a local club, where after an afternoon outside, you can warm up and share highlights of your adventure.


  3. When there’s more to discuss after class
    On Wednesdays, your field studies take you outside the classroom. Meeting with locals and experts often inspires new thoughts and adds layers to your understanding of a topic – collect your thoughts and discuss them during a fikapaus.
  4. With your Swedish Language & Culture course
    What better way to put your language skills to the test than by ordering your coffee in Swedish? Join your classmates for a study session, or a study break, at a local café or library.
  5. On the waterfront with your Visiting Host
    Stockholm’s proximity to water makes it wildly popular to flock outside when the sun is shining. Meet your Visiting Host by the water to enjoy the sun, and ask them questions, get curious, and share your experience living abroad. Whether you fika with one person or many, you are sure to be surrounded by Swedes savoring the moment as you do – so know that you are in good company.

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