Five Summer Stories

What’s better than a student’s story backlit by a Scandinavian sun?

Explore five students’ summer moments. Read their perspectives on a summer in Scandinavia and get to know their courses, Study Tours, and Field Studies.

Ee Jay is a student from Vancouver, Canada. He’s getting his Master of Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

In his Urban Design Studio Course, Ee Jay constructed a bench to learn how people interact in the city.

“Human activity and resting spaces are important features to enhance the use of public spaces. I learned that collaboration for this assignment was essential.”

>> Experience Ee Jay’s Urban Design Studio craft a bench in a Copenhagen Park

Ally is from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She studied in Copenhagen for Sessions 2 and 3.

While at DIS, she took Positive Psychology and The Strategic Leadership Course. After her Study Tour to Florence, Ally documented her experience.

“My study tour to Italy was one of the most educational and culturally stimulating trips I have ever taken. I met new friends, made connections with foreign leaders, and was able to apply a new way of business thinking to my goals in my intended field. The memories from Florence will stick with me for a lifetime.”

>> Learn how Ally’s Study Tour in Italy shaped her time abroad

Evelyn is a William and Mary Mathematics student. She studied at both DIS Copenhagen and DIS Stockholm.

In her final post from her summer abroad, Evelyn talks about how meaningful the experience has been, including how she is going to redirect her career.

“As my final hours in Stockholm tick by, I can’t help but get emotional about leaving a place that I will remember as the place where I finally became myself.”

>> Read Evelyn’s final thoughts on Stockholm

Cherish is from Barbourville, Kentucky. She now studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in English and psychology.

Cherish studied Social Psychology and Affective Neuroscience at DIS Stockholm. In her blog post, Cherish talks about exploring Social Psychology in the context of Stockholm.

“After all, what better motivator for noticing the individual differences between people than being immersed in a whole new culture for a few weeks?”

>> Get to know Cherish’s Social Psychology Course in the context of Stockholm

Oliver is a furniture design major from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

He gives us a firsthand overview of Furniture Design in Denmark.

“Learning about furniture design in the Furniture Design Studio Course at DIS Copenhagen gives me such a direct connection with the environment around me. I’m really starting to comprehend how deep the culture of design in Denmark runs.”

>> Find out more about Oliver’s summer with the Furniture Design in Denmark course

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