Final Post of Summer ’19

Though I’ve only been in Scandinavia for three months, I feel that I’ve learned more about myself here than the past twenty years. It is likely a culmination of factors that have lead me to my recent self-realizations (kicking off before I even left the States), but I’ve definitely hit my stride in Stockholm.  I can see myself living here, and have enjoyed my experience with DIS so much that I will be applying to their internship program so I can do just that!

Beautiful view from my neighborhood park in Gullmarsplan.

It makes me laugh now to think about my original intentions in studying abroad. Initially, I was mainly interested in Copenhagen and Stockholm was just supposed to be a brief add-on. To think even further back, to a year before my study abroad experience, is only more hilarious. The person I was then is just so different than who I am now.

Since arriving in May, I’ve taken Health Delivery and Prioritization, Sustainable Development in Northern Europe, and Public Health Policy in Practice. These classes have challenged my worldview, especially Sustainable Development in Northern Europe. I now see the environment as the foundation of all human institutions.

Without it, everything else we have built will collapse, and I’ve redirected my career accordingly! Eventually, I hope to gain a graduate degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on sustainable food systems. I truly would not have arrived at this path without my study abroad experience in Scandinavia with DIS.

Svenska for life? I definitely have the right footwear – wooden clogs. 

As my final hours in Stockholm tick by, I can’t help but get emotional about leaving a place that I will remember as the place where I finally became myself. If you’re a prospective student who’s on the fence about studying abroad, don’t question yourself any longer!

And, study abroad in Scandinavia with DIS. They are a wonderful support network to have, and they take care of a lot of logistical things (housing, transportation, etc.) that might stand in your way in terms of enjoying a different, less inclusive program.

Well, that’s it for me for this summer. I hope to still be a part of the DIS community throughout my adult life, even after I return home to Washington, D.C. tomorrow. Thank you for your readership!

Nice view directly out of the Tunnelbana in Gamla Stan

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