Final Adventures

With my past few weeks in Stockholm, I have been able to be a tourist and local! 

I celebrated my first Swedish Midsommer by heading out of the city and enjoying nature! On the 21st, I and a group of friends went to Herrangens, Sweden to enjoy a day with locals. It’s typical to go to a park and fika with friends along with some traditional midsommer dance. It was a relaxing day filled with food and friends!

Out celebrating Midsommer!

To keep in the midsommer mood I spent that weekend doing more nature like activities! I was able to go to a beach near me and swim, despite the freezing water! That same weekend I went on a guided kayaking tour around the island Langholmen, which was super fun and I recommend everyone should do! 

Swimming at Langhomen beach.

While I was able to blend in as a local for some time I, of course, had to visit the touristy places! Over the past weeks, I have visited various museums, but some of my favorites have been the Modern Art Musem, Fotografiska (photo) Museum, and the Vasa.  

I also was able to visit the Hornstull Market, which has various vendors selling jewelry and clothing along with food trucks, which was a cool experience. And lastly, I headed out to Stockholm’s archipelagos, specifically to Voxholm a small coastal island which was super cute and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

The ferry ride leaving Voxholm.

The past six weeks have been amazing and I’ve learned so much not only from my classes but from living in these new cities. There are aspects of Copenhagen and Stockholm that I will miss when I’m in the US, like the amazing food and laid back cultures. In a few days, I will be flying back to Chicago, with memories and souvenirs in tow, and the end of an amazing adventure! 

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