Exploring Copenhagen Through An Academic Lens

Taking classes with DIS allows you to learn about a chosen topic from both academic and cultural lenses. Each class provides learning opportunities not only in the classroom but also within the community. These cultural opportunities allow you to expand your knowledge of Copenhagen and experience the locals’ point of view.

For Session 2, my class is focusing on Positive Psychology and the impact of a positive mentality on the surrounding community. Throughout our three week class, we not only learn from our professor but from guest speakers, local professionals, business owners, other students, and Copenhagen residents.


While the days in class can seem long, our academic schedule is split up between lectures, guest speakers, lunch breaks, and group activities. Before you know it, a five hour day is over.

My professor really enjoys and encourages group discussion. We spend the beginning part of our class getting to know each other. From there, we take time in small groups to discuss our readings and homework. This group time allows for a healthy discussion and debate about the day’s work. Usually, these conversations turn into group discussion as we talk about the differences between our home States and varying countries.


Our local Field Studies allow us to explore the community and meet professionals working within the psychology field. We have had the opportunity to talk to local psychologist, take a Tai Chi class, visit community outreach programs, and debate the differences in school systems in the U.S. and Denmark.

Our short lunch break becomes a great opportunity for us to explore the city as a class and find our favorite local restaurants. We learn to navigate the city and communicate with those that know their way around better than we do.


Studying with DIS is a great experience academically, but it also provides wonderful guidance on how to appreciate Copenhagen culturally. As we enter into the last week of our class I feel knowledgeable about both the study of positive psychology and everyday life in Copenhagen.

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