Experiencing Oslo

Hej from Sweden, our second biggest destination of the Week-Long Study Tour for a group of Interior Architecture, Architecture, and Urban Studies students! As I write this, we had only just arrived in Stockholm, but the trip had already been one to remember! We began our trip Saturday afternoon, braving a heavy rainstorm that lasted unusually long, with our suitcases to get to the bus so that we could ferry to Oslo. From the views alone, I would wholeheartedly recommend the ferry trip. They were breathtaking. From the open waters with hints of Denmark’s Jutland to arriving in Oslo, it was all remarkable. One of my trip mates and I had the opportunity to meet some Norwegians on board, and we enjoyed discussing the splendors of Oslo over a couple of drinks. Moral of the story, don’t rule out your fellow ferry members out. They can be great company!

Cruising through the Oslo Fjords

Following our arrival to Oslo Sunday morning, the twenty-two of us on our tour were well-rested and ready to start exploring. Our itinerary for the Oslo portion of our trip was fairly packed with great destinations and exciting excursions! Of everything we saw, I would have to say that the Den Norske Opera and Ballett (designed by Snohetta) and walking along the Akerselven River

To see examples of adaptive re-use, great graffiti and even a waterfall(!) were my favorites (see the photos below), but I also really enjoyed experiencing Oslo. After three days, I am a big, big fan of city. Not only is Oslo a beautiful city, but it’s also full of so many great things! From the way the city embraces its location along the Oslo Fjord to even a surprisingly delightful culture, there was never a dull moment! Thanks to a very nice bartender, we ended our trip with so many recommendations for additional places to check out. We may have left Oslo, but I know that I will definitely be back!

Den Norske
Graffiti spotted along the Akerselven River

Our trip to Stockholm was a relaxing travel day. I worked a little on my sketchbook, especially after being inspired by the watercolor works of Lars Lerin, but it was also good being able to catch on extra Zs before arriving in Stockholm! Reviewing the itinerary real quick, I’m realizing that there are still so many great places to see, such as the Artipelag, the Kulturhuset, and Gamla Stan!

Once I get back to Copenhagen, I’ll write an even more in-depth review of my study tour, but I’ve been enjoying it so much that I couldn’t possibly keep it all to myself!

Hej Hej,


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