Experiencing Europe Before DIS Arrival Day

Like usual, I touched down early. I arrived in Paris, France over a week in advance of DIS’s orientation in Copenhagen. I spent my time exploring stained-glass soaked cathedrals (see the Sainte Chapelle’s breathtaking version below) and my favorite, the nearby Champagne region. I climbed the Eiffel Tower and strolled along the Seine. I also spent around ten hours in traffic and had a shockingly close encounter with a Parisian garbage truck (sigh).

Ste Chapelle in Paris
Me among the grapes in Champagne!

The day I arrived in Copenhagen, I felt relieved. Instead of the go-go-get-outta-my-way vibe that characterized Paris, Copenhagen had an immediately friendlier feel. I was blown away by the efficiency, cleanliness, and generosity that I have only ever found in Denmark.

I began my summer-long adventure with a trip to Tivoli, and a visit to the world’s oldest tattoo parlor (Tattoo Ole, Nyhavn 17 – see the picture of my arm below!). Since I’ve moved into DIS Housing, I’ve enjoyed being able to run at a park near my residence in Copenhagen. Note: the swans don’t care if you come hang out with them, but they will try to race you if you’re running!

“what happens on earth stays on earth.” – Kendrick Lamar

Now that you’ve had a chance to evaluate my newest ink, it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Evelyn, and I am from Washington, D.C., U.S.A. I am a rising fourth-year student at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, studying applied mathematics, biology, and public health.

I’ll be spending this summer in both Copenhagen (CPH) and Stockholm (STO), to take Health Delivery and Prioritization (CPH), Sustainable Development in Northern Europe (CPH), and Public Health Policy in Practice (STO). The opportunity to take this combination (or “Mix and Match,” as DIS calls it) of classes in two different cities is what drew me to DIS in the first place.

I wholly look forward to spending my summer with DIS in Sweden and Denmark, a binational study abroad experience not usually offered by other programs. I seek to engage with Scandinavia culturally, gastronomically (first stop: Torvehallerne market for some delectable Smørrebrød), sartorially, nautically, you name it.

Smørrebrød 🙂

As my mother has always exclaimed when retelling fond memories of her study abroad experience in Wales: “When else in your life can you drop everything and go live in another country?!”

Updates soon to follow.

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