DIS Study Tours Highlight the Semester: Tavo True-Alcala Fall ’13

What was this Academic Excellence Award winner’s favorite part of the semester? DIS study tours, as they opened doors to new ideas, places, and opportunities.

Name: Tavo True-Alcala
Home University: Wesleyan University
Academic Program: Environmental Science of the Artic

DIS: What influenced your decision to choose your particular DIS academic program and why?

Tavo: There were several strong influences that led me to decide to choose the Environmental Science of the Artic program. Academically, it was the closest fit to my Earth and Environmental Science major back home, which was important because I needed to get major credit while abroad. Perhaps the bigger influence however was the draw of the study tour to Greenland. I had been fortunate enough to go to Antarctica, and I thought the opportunity to see the ice sheet on the other side of the globe was something I might not get again.

DIS: What do you want to do in your future and after graduation? How have you been affected by your academic program in a way that changed your career path or perspective?

Tavo: I am currently unsure of what exactly I want to do after graduating, but I know I want to go into some environmental field. This has been my interest for some time, but my specific area of interest is not yet fixed. My experience at DIS overall strengthened my interest in an environmental career. My core course especially renewed my interest in environmental research, and also opened my eyes and piqued my interest in climate modelling, which is something I am now considering studying and possibly pursuing in the future.

DIS: What would you recommend future students in your program do to maximize their experience?

Tavo: The best advice I can give is to really make the most of the core course week. My core class was one of the best parts of my whole experience at DIS, and that really all stemmed from my core course trip to Møns Klint. Aside from being a good trip, it is a great opportunity to get to know your classmates. Thanks to this trip, most of my best friends during the semester were from my core class. But also don’t forget about your professors. My professors were all very interesting people and I learned a lot from them both in and out of class. I found it fascinating to learn about their work, and I wish I had taken them up on the offer to tour their offices in the Center for Ice and Climate where they worked. The core course you are in is the central part of your academics at DIS, and to get the most out of it I would strongly recommend that you get to know the others who are part of it as well.

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