DIS Stockholm’s Sustainable and Smart Building 

DIS Stockholm shares a building with the Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal College of Music). For DIS students, this means proximity to local university students, access to concerts, and the feeling of being in a space built for education and community while studying abroad in Stockholm.  

One of the other benefits for DIS students is the opportunity to study in a ‘smart building,’ optimized for energy conservation and the preservation of musical instruments.  

DIS students in the Engineering Sustainable Environments in Scandinavia course had the unique opportunity to take a tour of the building. Here’s what they learned about how sustainability and functionality have been integrated into the building’s design: 

Architectural design 

The design of the building is bright and colorful, drawing inspiration from musical instruments. ⁠With a welcoming glass façade, it is a modern space that receives lots of natural light – the perfect environment for studying! 

Ventilation systems and air quality 

The building is not only known for its modern design, but also for its practical ability to conserve energy use.  

How does this work? As an example, there are CO2 sensors throughout the building. If there are many people in a room, the sensors will record high levels of CO2 and will increase ventilation. If the rooms are empty, the CO2 sensors will automatically reduce the ventilation in the space, ensuring there is limited energy wasted. Ventilation panels are built into the architecture of the building, so they look integrated with the look and feel of the space. 

Similar technology is used to regulate temperature, humidity, and electricity. As a music school, humidity levels are particularly important; they are carefully controlled to keep the instruments working as they should! 


As a space for creating and experiencing music, soundproofing techniques, acoustics, and auditory benefits are all a fundamental part of the building’s design. Practice rooms are designed for soundproofing from other practice rooms while also increasing the acoustic benefits of each individual practice room.  

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