Dipping Into Danish Culture: Flødeboller

The flødebolle, directly translated in English as “cream bun,” is a small, puffy, cream-filled and chocolate-covered treat that Danes are proud to claim as their own. The average flødebolle has a flaky wafer to add crunch to the bottom, but the standard is mixed up with new flavors and toppings, according to season, holiday, and even how fancy the chocolate shop is. Found in most confectionery stores across Copenhagen, including local grocery stores, flødeboller are often reserved for special occasions – birthday parties, holidays, and summer gatherings. They’re not eaten as casually as one might candy; but as for the average DIS student new to flødeboller, these sweets are exciting to awaken a sweet tooth, and don’t require a festivity!

SU13 Intern Flødeboller Class (48)How are they actually made? Ask Ro Chokolade, a small chocolate shop just outside of inner Copenhagen, where they offer classes for groups who want to learn how to make these classic Danish sweets.

SU13 Intern Flødeboller Class (7)If you can’t quite make it over to Nørrebro, you can ask the DIS Interns what tools they needed. They’ll tell you about the meringue filling, the circular wafers, the piping bag, and the tempered chocolate they used to dip into… But they will mostly emphasize the importance of a steady hand and a nice flick of the wrist.

The most crucial part of making flødeboller is maintaining the shape of the cream inside, and embracing the chocolate that coats your fingers.

SU13 Intern Flødeboller Class (35)There’s nothing quite like a freshly dipped flødebolle!

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This is just one culinary adventure you could have while in studying in Copenhagen; DIS offers other opportunities during the fall & spring semester – get inspired with Danish food culture, here!

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