Denmark: Europe’s Oldest Kingdom and Flag

Looking around the streets of Copenhagen, you’ll quickly discover that Danes like their flag. In Danish, the red and white flag is called dannebrog, meaning the ‘flag of the Danes.’ As Europe’s oldest kingdom, Denmark’s flag is most likely Europe’s oldest.

The long history of the Danish flag might be the very reason that it often shows up during several cultural occasions. When there’s a birthday to celebrate, flags decorate the dinner table and cake. At sporting events, a flag waves to support the home team. And of course, flags line the old medieval streets around DIS, and most especially waved when the Queen comes out from her royal residence.

However, perhaps particular to Denmark is the tradition of waving flags for a friend or family member at the airport upon arrival back to the country. It turns out we aren’t the only ones who noticed! When Coca-Cola discovered that there was a hidden Danish flag within their logo, they were quick to find out what the tradition was all about, and made sure everyone had a flag to wave their loved-ones in to the Copenhagen Airport. Check out their video to see the Copenhagen airport arrival hall in action, flags and all, and with a little extra red and white pride!

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