Curling My Way into Gothenburg

This past week my core course (Positive Psychology) and I hopped on a train and visited Gothenburg. Sleep deprived was my initial state due to the Super Bowl being aired the night before my trip. So I slept for the entirety of the three-hour train ride to Gothenburg. When reaching the station, the first thing I noticed was the bright sun shining and it feeling ten degrees colder than usual Stockholm weather. Our first stop was the hostel we were staying in for the next couple of days that looked nicer than most hostels I have heard about.


After settling into the hostel and having a delicious lunch, we had a walking tour to get a chance to see the place we were going to be calling home for the next couple of days. We passed a number of museums, statues of famous people, and even stopped at a coffee shop to fika for a little while. After the tour, the night was ours to go off and explore, catch up on some sleep, or just hangout. We decided to hangout for a bit and then explore Gothenburg where we then retired to a great spot to have some dinner.

The next morning was an early one where we were meeting a professor at the University of Gothenburg who gave us insight on her research on Positive Body Image and how it relates to more positive emotions and well-being. The class truly learned a lot not only from the presentation, but also from each other where for a significant amount of time, we engaged each other in conversation and how to further our thinking on the subject of positive body image and flow.


Our next event for the day was curling where we learned the rules of the sport and how to play it effectively. After getting acclimated with the ice, stones, and brooms we were off to split into teams and apply positive psychology to the game. It was truly a great time and it was even more enjoyable to see how competitive we could be.

Our time in Gothenburg was coming to a close and ended with a self-guided tour of Gothenburg where we learned how to savor the present moment. The assignment was to go to a place in Gothenburg that is compelling to you and try to not think of anything other than the present moment. Really getting in there to savor every moment so we could work on fostering positive emotions through this time.


And just like that, we were off and on our way back to Stockholm where we finished up Core Course Week with a meditation seminar on Thursday and a musical therapy class on Friday. Core Course Week was awesome and it is always awesome to be a part of a class that is more than just sitting in the classroom. Real life application is also important to the class setting and this past week proved to be very helpful and fun.


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