Core Course Week Through the Eyes of the Student Photographers

During Core Course Week students take learning beyond the classroom. Part of the week is spent visiting local organizations and businesses relevant to the topics taught in students’ Core Courses, the other half is spent traveling on a three-day Short Study Tour in Sweden, Denmark, or a neighboring country. Students set out on their travels by bus, train, or in some cases a ferry, with the goal of gaining a comprehensive understanding of their studies from a local lens. We asked the DIS Student Photographers to share their reflections from Core Course Week, and some of their favorite photos and highlights.

Natalie Shulstad, University of Wisconsin-Madison, DIS Stockholm
Core Course: Affective Neuroscience: Emotions, Cognition, and Behavior
Traveled to: Umeå

During Core Course Week, we traveled north of Stockholm to Umeå. The highlight of my trip was when, under the light of the moon, our Affective Neuroscience course rode a horse drawn sleigh through the snow. Although seemingly unrelated to Neuroscience, we were prompted to think about how a change in temperature can affect different mental states. We also considered how persons with different mental disorders would perform in the extreme temperature changes. While we stopped for fika along the way, we gazed up to the sky, and admired the northern lights.

Christina Lee, Duke University, DIS Copenhagen
Core Course: New Media and Changing Communities
Traveled to: Aarhus & Odense

The first day we arrived in Aarhus, we learned about the city through a guided walking food tour. We tried everything from Hammans pastries to Bardock’s dumplings! The next day, we went to the ARoS museum and experienced Lu Yang’s immersive Digital Descending exhibition, which was filled with flashing sounds, screens, films, and video games. We also visited an alternative international business school called KaosPilot and learned about how they are using technology to break down barriers through interactive discussions and hands-on activities. By the end of the trip, our class had bonded closely through delicious meals, genuine conversations, and group activities.  

Laura A K, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, DIS Copenhagen
Core Course: Architecture Design Studio
Traveled to: Ribe & Odense

I went to Ribe and Odense with the Architecture Design Studio Core Course. We toured several buildings that worked with their context to blend seamlessly into the landscape, whether that be the slanted roofs and brick of Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, or the rolling hills surrounding the Wadden sea. After spending so much time soaking in Copenhagen’s more urban architecture, it was refreshing to see architecture at more of a private, human scale. The highlight of my trip was climbing Ribe Cathedral and seeing the town from above. Although the weather was forecasted to be rainy, we got lucky with several sunny days. 

Alyssa Leong, Scripps College, DIS Copenhagen
Core Course: Graphic Design Foundations Studio
Traveled to: Western Denmark

During Core Course Week, I enjoyed visiting art museums and design schools throughout Western Denmark. It was fascinating to see works in person from designers we had studied in class, and to learn about careers in design. One highlight was visiting the Kolding Design School in Kolding, Denmark. We met with Kolding student and DIS Graphic Design alumnus Antonio, who gave us a comprehensive tour of the school. I loved seeing the students’ projects ranging from communication design, fashion, furniture design, and more, plus it was inspiring to hear Antonio’s perspective on returning to Denmark to continue his studies in design!  

Bella Buchter, Whitman College, DIS Copenhagen
Core Course: Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach
Traveled to: Aarhus and Herning

Visiting Morten Böttcher, a chief physician in the cardiology department at the Hospitalsenhed West in Herning, inspired me to think about what sort of systems create the best doctors, the easiest healthcare access, and the healthiest people. Dr. Böttcher has experience working in both the U.S. and Denmark, and therefore gave a unique perspective I had never heard before about the benefits and disadvantages he saw in each healthcare system. He also explained the different roles of general practitioners and hospitals in Denmark, and offered insight into what he thought works well and what he would change about how each division operates. I found it very interesting to learn about all these comparisons from a physician with so much experience, and who also lived and worked in my home state, California! 

Nitzayah Schiller, Brown University
Core Course: European Urban Experience: Why Cities Matter
Traveled to: Aarhus

I had such an incredible time with my Core Course exploring new neighborhoods in Copenhagen and ferrying across to Aarhus. A highlight of the week was ending our walking tour of the harbor in Nordhavn on Konditaget Lüders, just as the sun was setting. We spent the day comparing urban livability, design, public space, and transportation access of Ørestad and Nordhavn. One of our final stops in Nordhavn was this massive parking garage with an entire jungle gym on the roof and a view that was breathtaking. It was so fun to explore the climbing gym, jump on the trampolines, and see the area we just explored from such an incredible bird’s eye view. It also acted as a perfect example of city design that works to draw people to a public space by focusing on their needs and wants.   

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