City Recommendations from a Suburb Girl

As my days in Copenhagen are winding down, I figured I should share some of my favorite places and activities. To keep this list short and concise, I’ve only listed eight things. But I really could go on and on about the wondrous parts of Copenhagen. For now, here are some of the best things I’ve experienced during my five weeks in Copenhagen.

  • Fresh Bagels

This bagel shop is right next to the main DIS buildings, and it is delicious. It is the best lunch spot during a break between classes, and they even offer a student discount! You can get a large variety of ingredients to put in your bagel. Where I’m from, I’m used to some simple cream cheese on a toasted bagel. But not here. Here they have meat and vegetables and sauce to make a delicious bagel-sandwich that will fill you up while still having leftovers.

  • Round Tower


Out of all the castles and cathedrals here that reach for the sky, I would like to turn your attention to the Round Tower. It’s down the street from the main DIS buildings and it’s quite an enjoyable attraction. Not only is it pretty cheap, but there’s a lot of other attractions inside. There is a museum, a shop, and an observatory. You can look down into the hollow core of the tower and look out into the city. It’s also very unique, as it is mainly a ramp. There are a few stairs higher up, but the majority of the path is a ramp spiraling upwards. It is a lot of fun, especially when you imagine figures like Peter the Great riding their horses up and down the tower.

  • Joe and the Juice

Another great place to eat! While Joe and the Juice is a bit expensive, it still is a nice café. I had a sandwich and a juice on two separate occasions, and they both were delicious. The juices are very good and will revitalize you after a long day. There are several locations of Joe and the Juice, one of which is on the same street as the main DIS buildings. Make sure to check one out.

  • Black Diamond, The Royal Library


Just one look at it and you can see why it’s called the Black Diamond. It’s beautiful outside and inside, and it is where I am currently writing this post. There is a little café on the ground floor and several reading rooms on the upper floors where you can get work done. It’s a great place to just relax in and, at the very least, get a few pics.

  • Torvehallerne

Also known as the Glass Market, or as I refer to it, “The Nørreport Place,” this is a great place to get food at. They have so many different types of food being sold, from pastries to ice cream to fresh fruit to sandwiches. It’s very large and a great place to grab lunch or stock up on your groceries.

  • Botanical Gardens


This is one of the most beautiful parks in Copenhagen. You can sit on the grass (in certain sections), and there are trees everywhere. There are also greenhouses too. It is near Nørreport, but it feels like you are not even in the city anymore.

  • Kayak Tour

If you’re looking for some physical activities, then you should definitely do the kayak tour. It’s either two or three hours, and you kayak around the canals of Copenhagen. It was so neat, and also a bit of a workout and struggle to make sure you didn’t run into anything. At least it was a struggle for me. But it was great being out on the water and a nice way to start the day.

  • Islands Brygge


Probably one of my favorite spots to relax. It’s on the canal in Amager, and it’s right by my housing: The Mønten Kollegium. You can sunbathe, do work, swim, play games, and just have some fun. It’s beautiful and sunny and great for the unnaturally hot weather we’ve been experiencing in Copenhagen this summer.

So those were some of my favorite parts of Copenhagen, but the list wasn’t exhaustive. I would also recommend getting some ice cream, renting a bike or becoming really comfortable with public transport, and just explore on your own and see what you can find. It’s a wonderful city to be in.



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