City Girl in Small Town Sollentuna

Me again! Hej!

Two weeks in and I finally feel like I am settled into my lovely little apartment in Sollentuna. DIS placed me in the Residential Community, where I live with ~20 other DIS students.

I have lived in New York City my entire life so comparatively, Sollentuna feels like a suburb. I am being extremely dramatic. We live 10 steps away from the pendeltåg (the commuter train), and the commute into Stockholm Central is less than 20 minutes. But the MALL! We live right next to a shopping mall and if that doesn’t scream rural HAVEN I don’t know what does!

Lemme tell you, Sollentuna is some prime real estate. I actually really enjoy the 30 minute commute to DIS, especially in the morning. Swedes are dead silent in the morning, which makes for a peaceful train ride. What I usually do on my commute: try to figure out what Swedish ads are saying to no avail, listen to the announcements (week 2 vocab progress: “nästa” means “next”), don’t make eye contact with Swedes because they are NOT morning people.

Just a 15 minute walk from our RC is a huge lake that is currently frozen over. My friend Emma and I have seen people skate on the lake carrying what looks like camping packs. Not quite sure what this activity is called, but it’s something I would potentially be interested in.


Last but definitely not least, we have a wonderful SRA (Social & Residential Advisor) by the name of Moa! She orders waffle irons for us, and has seen us at our worst – attempting to do laundry in Swedish. Endless gratitude for you, Moa!



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