Chokladbollar med Clara

Hello, and welcome to my first kitchen session with my Visiting hosts: Chocolate balls with Clara!

I see this treat everywhere I go, and may I say, they are addicting for anyone who loves chocolate. They can be made with a sugary coating or sprinkled with coconut flakes, and they can be a simple chocolate flavor or filled with a hint of coffee. For this recipe, we made them with the sugar coating and poured in a little coffee for good measure. They are extremely easy to make, but fair warning to any calorie counters when reading the ingredients…



100 gram smör (about a 1/2 cup of butter)

1 dl socker (1 cup of sugar)

1 msk vaniljsocker (1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar)

3 msk kakao (3 tablespoons of cocoa)

3 dl havregryn (3 cups of oatmeal)

3 msk kallt starkt kaffe (3 tablespoons of cold strong coffee)

pärlsocker (granulated sugar for coating, or coconut)


When measuring each ingredient, the order is insignificant so just grab one and go for it!


It’s a very messy process, but all part of the fun:

Especially, when you get to enjoy your efforts at your fingertips:


But not before finishing the task of course!


And when you’re finished you can enjoy them immediately, or put them in the fridge for later! But before you finish, be sure you really mixed in all the ingredients, either with your hands or a mixer, because if you don’t, you’ll end up with butter filling like we did. My host mom said that in all the times she has had chokladbollar, it never had chunks of butter in it, because an American hadn’t made one before (insert crying while laughing emoji).

At least they still looked pretty good though:


Try it yourself for a scrumptious treat!

Until next time,


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