Chasing Giants

One of the things I set out to do when I got to Denmark was to find the “Six Forgotten Giants” in the suburbs and woods of Copenhagen. They are massive giants made out of scrap wood that were created by Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambo with the help of local volunteers. Each giant has a name and a unique “personality” and pose.  I found these giants while being a stereotypical study abroad student and googling “What to do in Denmark” before I came to Copenhagen for DIS. I was interested because finding them seemed like an adventure or a magical quest of some sort. It also reminded me a bit of “Where the Wild Things Are” in the sense that there were these giant beings hiding away in the forest.

Teddy Friendly


I knew this wouldn’t be the easiest of tasks, but I don’t think I understood the scope of what I was about to set out to do. Thankfully, I was not the only one who felt determined to find them. Austen and Timary, DIS students, were both committed to the cause. I am so thankful that they were, too. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to do this on my own. I am not always the best with navigation, and Austen and Timary took control of that the whole way through.

Timary, Austen, and I visiting Oscar Under The Bridge


We decided to bike our way to all of the giants instead of taking the train and then walking to them. We figured that biking was the more authentic way.  Timary already had a bike, but Austen and I had to rent ours. We rented our bikes for 6 hours because it said online that the route we were taking would only take 3 hours. Austen and I ended up returning our bikes with a minute remaining on the rentals. It took a bit longer than expected.

Hopefully, I didn’t disturb Sleeping Louis

I was not always sure I would make it all the way through the journey. After biking over 30 minutes to the first giant, I felt tired and considered quitting. I was recovering from strep throat and was worried I might have been pushing myself too hard. However, I ended up pushing through, and I am very glad that I did not quit. The giants were incredible sights to see. They each were clearly done with a lot of attention to detail and every single one looks like it belongs in its environment. They all are truly marvels. I am also glad that I was able to meet and get to know Austen and Timary along the way. I couldn’t have asked for better partners in this journey. There is also a definite sense of accomplishment each time that you find a giant because of all the work that goes into finding each one. I highly recommend this to anyone who is visiting Denmark but be prepared to get a serious workout in! Lastly, I am including pictures of every single giant in this post because I need to document with photo evidence that I completed this incredible quest. The name of the giant that is holding me in the cover image of this blog post is Hill Top Trine. Trine and Tilde are tied for my personal favorites.

Hanging out with Little Tilde
Thomas On The Mountain

For more information on the six forgotten giants:

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