Cam Comes to Copenhagen

Hello! I am Cam Sipe, from a teeny town in rural Eastern Oregon.  I am a rising Junior Psychology major and English minor at Whitman College.  I am interested in developmental psychology and the ways in which education and mental health overlap.  I will be studying in Copenhagen for three sessions this summer, which means a whopping ten weeks in Denmark!

Dreaming about beautiful Copenhagen before my arrival

This session, I am taking the Meaning of Style course which is a Sociology meets Art History meets Gender Studies meets… everything else under the sun because fashion is everywhere.  

So far it has been a great class, that has already involved a Field Study at Frederiksborg Palace just outside of Copenhagen, and includes more travel in and around Copenhagen.  During Session 2, I will be taking Children in a Multicultural Context which has a study tour in London.

Finally, for Session 3 I will be taking Sex Education and Sexual Reform in Europe for which I will be traveling to Berlin.  These courses are things that I am interested in, but would not be able to major in- or even take- at Whitman. Therefore, I cannot wait for each of my classes, and the things I will learn inside and outside of the classroom.

The picturesque Frederiksborg Palace from a little boat

I have always wanted to study abroad, but I will be graduating a year early, and thus a traditional study abroad would not fit into my time at Whitman.  Thus, DIS Summer is an amazing way to still enjoy the study abroad experience and to also able to maximize my time at Whitman. I chose DIS for the offered study tours, location in relation to Europe, as well as the sustainability of Copenhagen/Denmark.

My street welcoming me home after a day of classes and exploring

My experience in Copenhagen so far has been incredible!  I live in the neighborhood of Vesterbro in the Residential Community and have three other girls living in my apartment.  We are walking distance to some amazing restaurants and shopping spots, as well as a fifteen-minute walk to classes at DIS.  I have gotten to explore Copenhagen a bit, and see some different neighborhoods, but I can’t wait to continue to see and experience new things.


Just one more photo, because it was so hard to decide what to include, this is the baroque garden outside of the Frederiksborg Palace.

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