Bread in Copenhagen

Hi:) This is the blog post that I have wanted to make the entire time I’ve been here in Copenhagen. I am a self-proclaimed bread snob and when I’m in the US, I buy either bakery bread or supermarket bakery bread. One of my roommates here in Copenhagen literally called me the bread roommate because every time she came into the kitchen during meal times I was eating bread.

Denmark & Bread

Denmark and Scandinavia as a whole are not known for having good bread. If you like rye bread then you’re in luck because rye bread is a staple in Danish cuisine. You can get rye bread at every bakery in Copenhagen. If you’re like me and you don’t like rye bread, then you’ve come to the right blog post. I have explored many different bakeries at this point during my stay in Copenhagen. I have found a few that are great, a few that are hit or miss, and some that I’m not a fan of. 

A Big No-No

Whatever you do, unless you’re buying frozen rolls that you have to cook or basic squishy white bread, don’t go to a supermarket. I made that mistake on my first very jet lagged day here. I got these rolls in a bag and they were super dry and tough. I personally haven’t tried the squishy sliced white bread or frozen rolls while here, but I was told that they were fine by my roommates.

Chain Bakeries

Emmery’s is a big chain bakery in Copenhagen, it can have very hit or miss breads. I’ve had good loaves and some not as good loaves. The other thing I have noticed about Emmery’s is that their loaves are small and usually most of the selection is rye bread. I haven’t actually gone to Lagkagehuset (another chain bakery), but my roommates get Too Good To Go’s from there all the time. I don’t know how their bread is, but I know my roommates really like their pastries.

Too Good To Go is an app that tries to eliminate food waste, and it exists in a lot of places in Europe and in some of the major cities of the US. There’s different options of surprise bags and they are usually cheap for the amount you get. In my experience, if you’re doing a Too Good To Go order, it’s best to order from somewhere that’s not a chain or touristy because you’ll get more and it’ll be better. 

My Favorite Bakeries

Bread from Engelbert Petersens
Bread from Engelbert Petersens
Pastries from Engelbert Petersens

I’ve started doing Too Good To Go’s for getting bread and if they give me pastries as well I donate them to my roommates. I have found my favorite bread places from doing this. One is Engelbert Petersens Bageri in Sydhavn. I do have to take a train to get there, but even with the price of the train tickets I’m still getting a great deal on the items I get. The first time I went there for my Too Good To Go order, I got a baguette, a loaf of white crusty bread, a loaf of rye bread, and a bunch of rolls in varying bread types. It was fantastic. It was probably the best baguette I’ve had in Scandinavia this entire time! The next time I went there I got pastries and two loaves of seeded bread, and they were great as well. 

Pastries from Norcino

My other favorite bread bakery is Norcino, which I just tried today with my Too Good To Go order. I got a round loaf and a bunch of pastries. The bread was great and my roommates snapped the pastries up in less than an hour. Another good bakery that my Danish professors recommended is Brød Bageriet. Norcino and Brød Bageriet are both located in cool areas to explore. Norcino is in TorvehallerneKBH, which is a food market with many different businesses and an open air farmer’s market. The area surrounding it is Nørreport, which is a cute neighborhood with nice restaurants. Brød Bageriet is in Vesterbro, which is considered one of the hipper neighborhoods of Copenhagen. There are a lot of little shops, a Røde Kors thrift shop, and cute restaurants and dessert places. 


When you come to Copenhagen, there’s pretty much a bakery on every corner. Pastry options are easy to find almost anywhere, but not all bakeries have good bread. If you’re a bread snob like me, you should definitely explore the bakeries listed above. 

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