And We’re Off!

Currently, I am sitting on a nine-hour bus ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen. So, naturally, I’ve started to think about the past three weeks and the seven that are still ahead. Within the last three weeks of Session 1, I’ve made memories that I will never forget and met people that quickly became family – cheesy, I know, but 100% true.

There’s something about being thrust into a completely foreign situation that rapidly transforms the people around you from strangers to your strongest support system. I would not have been able to navigate – physically, mentally, and emotionally – this experience without the help of those around me. From commuting on the metro every day (and getting lost once or twice) to cooking pasta night after night in our kitchen, these people have experienced every moment right alongside me.

Some of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities.

These past three weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye, but somehow, at the same time, it feels as though we’ve been in Stockholm for years. While Stockholm certainly holds a special place in my heart, I am so excited to be off on our next adventure: Copenhagen. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Denmark, and I am so ready to discover the greatness of Copenhagen for myself.

For the next seven weeks, I will attempt to explore every inch of Denmark—my friend, Maddie, and I are already planning a number of different day trips to beautiful castles and towns right outside of the city! Plus, in the next two sessions, I’ll have the amazing opportunity to travel to Iceland and Poland for my class Study Tours, where I will learn firsthand about climate change and European genocides, respectively. To say I’m excited for the next seven weeks is an understatement.

So long, Stockholm. Copenhagen – here we come!

Goodbye, for now, Stockholm!

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