A Summer in Sweden (things to do)

If you are visiting the capital of Sweden for the first time, and are confused about what to do, here are some great places to start, and activities which will make you feel right at home in Stockholm!

Gröna Lund

From rollercoasters to live performances by artists from Dua Lipa to ‘My Chemical Romance’, this amusement park is one of the most exciting places to be at in the summer. As its website states, it has “lots of rides for both young and old, brave and less brave”. With its location on Djurgården island, the extended boardwalk along the water offers magical views of the city. After a hectic day, you can sit at the restaurant Dansken and enjoy a Smørrebrød, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can access over 50 live concerts (besides dance evenings) spread out over the summer with the Grönan Live Pass! Make sure to reach on time though, because lines for some of the famous artists can extend all the way to the next train station!

People hold up their phones as My Chemical Romance perform their hit ‘Teenagers’!


If you enjoy seeing bears playing with each other in the water, or learning about Swedish culture by visiting typical houses and farmsteads from every part of the country, then Skansen is the place to be. It almost feels like a big town with hills, houses and buildings, and it is full of tourists and locals coming to see the different zoo animals, buying Swedish souvenirs or even trying some traditional pickled herring. Animals ranging from bison, to sheep and even a wolverine (not from marvel) can be found in their designated natural areas.

For people who don’t have a home in the countryside for a midsummer celebration, Skansen proves to satisfy their desire for a festive spirit. On midsummers eve, following a traditional ceremony of raising the maypole, people gather around it and dance to classic Swedish songs like ‘små grodorna’ (the little frogs) while holding hands and going around in a circle. If you have always wanted to pretend to be a frog, pig or elephant in public, then this is your chance! Music concerts, games and storytelling are also a part of the Skansen Midsummer celebration.

Stockholm Ghost walk

This 90 minute historical walk takes you through the streets of Gamla Stan and brings to life stories of murder, disease and ghosts in Stockholm. You will be greeted by a guide wearing a black outfit with a top hat, carrying a cane with a skull on top in one hand while an old lantern in the other. They will take you through the oldest streets in Stockholm telling you secrets of the city no-one else speaks about. Apart from interesting historical information and visits to some of the signature landmarks in Gamla Stan, the tour will have plenty of twists and turns, as the guides have many tricks up their sleeves. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, come prepared for an occasional jump scare!

Nordiska museet

Located in central Stockholm, the Nordic Museum is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history. You can learn about nordic lifestyle from the 1600s to the present. Fashion exhibitions, British influence on nordic lifestyle, an Arctic exhibition are only some of the things this museum has to offer! The limited time exhibitions change after ever year or so and often require an advanced booking.


North of Stockholm, Sigtuna is Sweden’s oldest city. Apart from traditional wooden houses and restaurants, the peaceful old town features stone ruins of St Olaf’s, St Lawrence’s and St Peter’s medieval churches. The town has had an interesting past, including a fire which burnt down many of the town’s beautiful buildings. You can also get some coffee or pastries at Tant Bruns Kaffestuga, one of the oldest fika spots in Sweden! In the evening, the sun’s rays peak through the trees next to the water, where you can enjoy a serene sunset while a soft breeze comforts you.

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