A New Experience In The Same City

Hello Again! My name is Ally Miller and I am currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I started my journey studying with DIS at the beginning of June and spent the first half of my trip in a Positive Psychology class. This session 2 class was based in Copenhagen but also included an incredible week-long study tour in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the course of my three-week class, I met some incredible people, saw some amazing things, stretched myself outside of my comfort zone and learned a tremendous amount about the field of Positive Psychology.  Some of my most memorable experiences include a food tour through Scotland and my first time trying Haggus.


After the completion of my first class, I had a four-day break before the start of session three. I was able to use this time to explore some of the small towns and sights outside of Copenhagen and even visit a castle or two.

The idea of starting over in a new class and with new friends made me pretty nervous. I really liked the people I met in session two and was sad to see them go. As the transition week progressed, I was able to meet those moving in for the next class. Being able to meet some new people and make many more connections has been a fantastic experience. The process of transitioning into another session in the same country has been easier than I thought it would be. Knowing my way around the city and being able to show others how to get home and to class provides a whole new sense of security.


During this session, I will be taking a class called “Strategic Leader.” This class is focused on strategic planning, entrepreneurship in Europe and the examination of some of Europe’s most successful and unsuccessful businesses. This class closely matches my major at my home university and I am looking forward to learning about my chosen field from a European lens. During our second week in class, we will be traveling to Florence, Italy. On this Field Study, we will meet with business owners, explore the city and learn about what has made some of Italy’s largest companies successful.

My third session class is completely different from my first. The ability to take more than one class while studying in Denmark has allowed me to explore a field related to my major but also fields that I otherwise would never have the chance to explore. My Positive Psychology course may not be directly related to my professional interests but it allowed me to expand my knowledge of another way of thinking and encouraged me to find connections between the psychology world and the business world. And as an added bonus, I get another month to explore this beautiful city.


As I begin the second half of my study abroad, I am extremely excited about the many new opportunities. From meeting new people to visiting a new country, the next four weeks will be filled with endless chances of growth and change. My hope is that I will be able to learn from some of the world’s most successful business leaders and incorporate a new perspective into my studies at home.

Thanks for sticking around, here goes round two,


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