Day Trip to Vaxholm, Capital of the Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm is a buzzing metropolis with something new and exciting behind every corner. However, life in the big city is just one part of the story! Stockholm’s Archipelago – consisting of just under 30,000 islands – is the perfect destination for a short getaway. Curious? It’s only a boat tour away, and if you plan right, it won’t cost you much to get there.

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Let’s go onboard!

As cliché as it may sound, truly one of the best parts of spending time in the archipelago is getting there. Pick a destination using Waxholmsbolaget’s journey planner, embark, and enjoy the view onboard.

Until April 29th, you can use your SL-card for travel boats operated by Waxholmsbolaget without any further costs, as long as you have a 30 or 90-day ticket on your SL-card. After that, a one-way trip costs around 60 SEK for students, depending on where you want to go. Just make sure to plan ahead so you won’t miss the last boat of the day!

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There’s a wide variety of islands to be discovered, and several of them require a few days of travel to get to them. Check out an overview of destinations and day trips here.

The city of Vaxholm, known as the archipelago’s capital, is actually just one hour from Stockholm! A rather small and picturesque town of about 5,000 inhabitants, Vaxholm is great to explore for a day trip.

Start off by taking a stroll around the harbor and city center. The small ateliers, ice cream places, and the wooden, pastel-colored houses make Pippi Longstocking childhood memories come alive.

The fortress

The Vaxholm fortress is located on a small island directly next to Vaxholm itself. Guided tours through this impressive structure are available during the summer season, so check the fortresses’ website for exact opening hours!

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Close by the harbor, several trails lead you across the southern shoreline. Whether you choose to rent a bike or go by foot, just follow the red signs saying Kustlinjen. And when the weather allows for it, why not go for a swim? There are numerous docks, piers and smaller cliffs around the island to take a refreshing dip into the waters. Especially the coastline on the north side of Vaxholm (Norrhamnen) is particularly beautiful.

Go for a fika at Hembygdsgårds Café or at Bistro Magasinet nearby, and let your eyes wander over the small, typical Swedish houses complementing the rocks, water, and seagulls. A perfect place to slow down.

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