A Day in the Life: Catey, DIS Stockholm

Catey, Furman University, studies in the Public Health Program at DIS Stockholm this spring semester. She lives in a Homestay in Vällingby, a small suburb in the greater Stockholm area. 

Follow Catey along on her day in Sweden:


Imagine, you have just arrived in Stockholm by teleportation machine. The sun is beginning to peek over the horizon. You stand in the streets of a neighborhood and see a brightened kitchen. In the kitchen, a red-headed young lady is making breakfast. Her name is Catey. Curious about the area, you knock on the door and she answers. She says that she is a student at DIS Stockholm and has a busy day ahead. Recognizing that you have no plans and want to learn about DIS, she invites you to join her as she goes about her day. You happily agree and the day goes as follows (from Catey’s perspective)!

07:00 – I eat a tasty breakfast at my Homestay.
07:15 – It is a beautiful morning and time to commute.
08:00 –  I arrive at DIS Stockholm, located within the Royal College of Music, (also known as, Kungliga Musikhögskolan).
08:05 – Excess items are stored in my locker and it becomes tea making time.

08:30 – Epidemiology: Swedish Case Studies begins.
Class includes a brief lecture on the Swedish healthcare registry system. Following this, it is time for group work. In groups of five, students are designing research studies that will require the utilization of registry databases.


09:50 – Epidemiology is finished and I prepare for other classes.
11:00 – I eat lunch in the halls of DIS while reading an article for my upcoming policy class.


11:40Public Health Policy in Practice begins – the topic is Climate Change and Health.
13:00 – Siobhan recaps the class, stating, “Today in Public Policy we talked about different kinds of oils and what’s most sustainable, versus what is the best for your body. It is an interesting debate, especially in Sweden.”


13:15 – My friend, Mike, and I decide to leave DIS for Fika.
Fika is a coffee break focused on quality time with family and friends.
13:20 – Neither Mike, nor I order coffee at Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie, but we enjoy hot drinks and sweets while learning about each other’s lives.


14:50 – My Core Course begins. Public Health and Migration, today, is focused on international organizations as the class prepares to travel to Geneva on Study Tour.
16:10 – Classmates and I decide to fika at Karla Cafe. They mention what excites them most about the upcoming trip to Geneva:

  • Natalie: Visiting the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees!
  • Ashley: Going to the World Health Organization!
  • Ellie: Seeing a castle!
  • Katie: Eating fondue!

17:10 – The commute back to my Homestay begins. My commute includes the Tunnelbana (metro), Pendeltåg (commuter rail), bus, and a short walk. It sounds complicated and long, but Stockholm’s transportation system is well laid out, clean, and enjoyable. I often listen to music or read a book.

18:00 – Arrival at my Homestay.
18:30 – Dinner with my host family.
My host family (two host parents, a host brother, and host dog) is absolutely wonderful.
19:15 – My host brother, Johannes, and I eat American Goldfish while playing Go-Fish.


20:45 – I retreat to my room for homework.
22:00 – My parents video chat with me from the States before I go to bed.

The day is complete. The teleportation device reappears to take you home. It is sad leaving, but Stockholm, DIS, and Catey hope to host you again (whether online or in person). Every day you can find Catey in a similar routine. However, the classes and adventures will, of course, vary.

Note: For the video version of this day, head to @disstockholm on Instagram and view the “Days in STHLM” story highlight. To see another day in Catey’s life abroad, check out the “Field Studies” highlight.

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