A Day in Creative Södermalm, Stockholm

Living in Stockholm, you quickly learn that the island of Södermalm is best summed up by the word creative. From the first moment you set foot in this part of the city, it’s hard not to notice the vibe of innovative ideas, art, and openness.

Söder truly is unique – but what does that mean concretely?

Some amazingly quirky stores

The type of stores dominant certain neighborhoods often reflect the local people. Södermalm is no exception here. If you enjoy consuming consciously, you will appreciate the huge amount of vintage and second-hand stores.

Emmaus near Götgatan has an amazing collection of clothes, whereas Stockholms Stadsmission, for instance, offers books, toys, and kitchen utensils. Add some organic coffee places, a Dutch cheese shop, and plant boutiques to the mix and you’ll understand why Söder is such a wonderful place to visit.


Södermalm’s busiest streets (Götgatan and Hornsgatan) are full of life, but if in search of quieter moments, you’ve come to the right place. Leave the main roads behind and swing left-right-left into some cobblestone alleys. You’ll find yourself lost in what feels like a small Swedish village.

A cultural heart

The Swedish Photography Museum Fotografiska near the harbor is perhaps most well-known, and for good reason. The museum, which is a former customs house, has amazing exhibitions on display from both Swedish and international photographers. (Psst, if you aren’t yet convinced, check out their Instagram here!) But even in the rest of Södermalm art spaces are abundant – what about Folkoperan and Södra Teatern?

Juicebar pop-up in Sodermalm


Besides Södermalm itself is so inspiring, it is also the perfect spot to gaze over the city. We’ve already mentioned the Ivar-Los park. Directly in front of it, there is a path called Monteliusvägen, which runs along a large part of Södermalms northern shoreline and provides breath-taking views of Stockholm’s skyline. A little bit longer westward you’ll find Skinnarviksberget. This peak is the highest one in Stockholm and has some amazing views as well.

Views in Sodermalm

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Nick (age 22) studies environmental social science at Stockholm University. A Dutch native, he moved to Stockholm two years ago. Although once the very worst at finding artsy coffee places and affordable restaurants, he now has an eye for what’s going on in the city. Likes: Hiking in nature and spontaneous meet-ups with friends. Still afraid of the dark Swedish winters.

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