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ZoeSmolen_DefaultName: Zoe Smolen
Home University: Portland State University
Summer Courses at DIS: Sustainable Food Systems: Ecology, Economy, and Ethics

My absolute favorite thing about being in Copenhagen (besides the food) is the art: specifically the street art. It’s everywhere, and I love it. As I have mentioned before, I am not living in housing provided by DIS, and one of my favorite parts of my neighborhood is all of the street art that is in it. Many of the pieces are so beautifully done and bring a bit of joy to my day just seeing them.

Bird Mural



Ever day on my way to and from DIS and wherever else I venture in town I see lots of wonderful art, and all for free. In Portland, it’s common to see small stickers or small drawings on the sides of buildings (my favorite one being the Lorax on the side of a tattoo parlor) but you rarely – if ever- see large scale pieces like the ones I’ve seen here. Even though I have seen Exit Through the Gift Shop and know a bit about Banksy, I primarily associate street art with England, and not so much Europe as a whole.

strong men

It’s important to keep an eye out for the pieces. They are often hidden high and low and on the back of signs, like the one pictured above (one of my favorites from here). If you’re looking for a place to go see pieces just find a metro stop that is under construction. Every future metro site that I’ve passed has had wonderful art on the construction fences from political pieces (by DIS) to interactive pieces (by Nyhavn) to pieces that are just fun (most of them). For me, it has been a wonderful way to get to explore and learn more about the city.


Metro Site

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