7100 Miles Away from Home


My name is Corina Quach, and I will be going into my third year at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Over the course of two sessions, I will be taking the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe course & practicum, to get me ahead for my Entrepreneurship and International Business degrees. I moved into a Kollegium, located on Frederiksberg, where I live with six others in a flat, and share a room with my awesome roommate, Maddie.

FlatMatesI have a whole list of places that I want to see before I finish up my summer, some including the Tivoli Gardens, Reffen Copenhagen Street Foods, and finding the Six Forgotten Giants.

I decided on studying abroad through DIS after extensive counseling with my Study Abroad Coordinator. She gave me a myriad of tempting schools and classes in all parts of Europe and Asia, but the Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe course & practicum stood out to me the most because it would allow me to step out of my comfort zone and gain hands-on experiences in the happiest country in the world. I love being challenged and seeing what I can accomplish, and this class in this setting seemed like the perfect fit for me.


I hope to return home to Hawaii with a whole new set of experiences and skills, friends that I can reach out to, and memories that I can look back on, to give me motivation.

With my time in Copenhagen, I wish to become a more confident and independent person, which I believe will be possible, especially with my participation in the Kollegium and practicum.

I knew it would be tough being away from my family, friends, and home for six weeks, but the opportunity to take a class that I am passionate about in a completely different, beautiful country is one that I just couldn’t pass up. I am so excited to see what the next few weeks has to offer me!


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