7 Small Things I’ve Noticed in Copenhagen

  1. Everyone here radiates kindness. I seriously mean everyone. I don’t think I’ve had a negative experience yet with a Dane. And everyone here speaks English. They’ve always been so welcoming and eager to talk to you even when you have to ask to speak English. I always feel so relaxed here. Last night, some friends and I went to a wine bar near Reffen, a huge food truck area on the harbor. We sat out on a dock and watched the sunset and enjoyed the relaxing company of other Danes, and it felt like a scene out of a movie.
  2. Danes don’t love spicy things. I think I’ve seen Tabasco once, and I haven’t once been overwhelmed with spice.  
  3. Everyone watches football (soccer) and gets VERY excited about it. Since I’ve been in Denmark, I’ve noticed how much everyone spreads Danish nationalism. During the season there are flags everywhere across town and in stores, and everyone gets decked out in Danish national team gear. Some friends and I even bought Denmark bucket hats!
Our Danish bucket hats:)
  1. Everyone bikes. Maybe not everyone bikes everywhere, but I can assure you everyone has one. Since getting a bike myself from one of my family members, I’ve really enjoyed getting to experience bike culture. I think everyone who studies abroad here should get one. It gives you yet another reason to love Danish culture and experience it yourself.
  2. Everyone dresses amazingly. My friends and I always talk about how everyone here always looks put together and beautiful even when they aren’t trying. I don’t know how (and I am still trying to figure it out), but everyone always looks exceptionally cute here (even the boys). 
  3. I have yet to eat a bad pastry or a bad cup of coffee (except that time I made myself a bad cup of coffee). My favorite pastry shop Skt. Peders Bageri has the best pastries and even has a deal on Wednesdays of discounted cinnamon rolls. In Denmark, cinnamon rolls are famous and have a cultural background, and I’ve loved every cinnamon roll I’ve had here. 

Some yummy coffee and smoothies from another favorite place of ours, The Living Room.
  1. Everyone swims in the canals. The first day I arrived in Copenhagen, our Danish roommates took us out to the canal close to our home where we joined many other young Danes tanning and jumping in the water to cool off. It was a hot day and I wanted to partake, but to my surprise, the water was FREEZING. But to our Danish friends, the water was perfect. This is an everyday occurrence. No matter rain, shine, or freezing, I always see people happily swimming with their friends. I also have learned that even in the winter, they all go swimming. 

All of these observations make me love and appreciate Danish culture even more. There are many more things I am sure I forgot, but these few things are what I wanted to share!

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