Five Ways to Live Lagom at Home

Lagom (adverb; Swedish): to have not too much and not too little. A way of life that’s just right. Balanced living.

How are DIS staff striking a balance and living lagom, now in quarantine?

1. It’s all about the at-home workspace

“In working from home, I have made a point to keep work separate, while still keeping my surroundings cozy; I always work at a table, never the sofa or in bed, but keep a pot of coffee nearby, candles lit, and some form of background noise, be it a podcast or music.” – Zoé Kilbourne

2. Making a routine

“I make a schedule of my next days and what they will look like, setting time aside for exercise/fun/journaling/Skype – it gives me some sort of control over my life. Also, I have been putting specific time aside for news, which means I cannot check it all the time.” – Luiza Scalco

3. Making (virtual) time for family, friends, or roommates

“Just because I live by myself doesn’t mean I have to sit alone! I feel like I’ve been connecting with friends and family now more than ever. I FaceTime my parents every day, as well as close friends and others I’ve been meaning to catch up with for a while. It’s good to check in on one another, and it’s been a huge source of comfort.” – Christie Jardine

4. Getting fresh air when possible

“Here in the suburb of Copenhagen, in Smørum, we spend the days outside in our garden enjoying some long-awaited sunshine. The best way for us to get through these difficult times is to enjoy being together as a family and getting the best out of the situation. At night when the sun has set and our 18-month old daughter has gone to bed, we turn our living room into a little office and work.” – Stephanie Stadager

5. Taking time

“I’ve been doing things that I wouldn’t necessarily make time for normally – things that aren’t necessarily ‘productive,’ but that are actually really beneficial for my mental health and well-being. Lately, this has included: water-coloring for the first time, baking a lemon poppy seed cake, and going on daily walks.” – Ashley Miller

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