The Top Danish Music Playlists You Need To Hear!

For our first newsletter of the 2014 – and to launch our new DIS Spotify profile – we’ve gone music crazy to bring you some of the most popular artists in Denmark right now! And we also compiled a playlist of some of the bands and artists coming to play in Copenhagen this spring.

Stella Polaris SU13 (3)First off, we thought we would bring you all up to date with a list of our favorite Danish songs right now from staff in our Copenhagen office. Top Pop Picks from DIS >>

Not everything makes our radar, however, so we put together a Top Albums of 2013 list based on the choices from the one of Denmark’s most popular and highly regarded newspapers, Politiken. Politiken’s Best of 2013 >>

Denmark has recently produced a long line of amazing female artists from Agnes Obel and Tina Dickow to Oh Land and Amalie Bruun. Here are our picks from the bunch: Female, Danish, and Awesome! >>

Copenhagen attracts a wide array of big and small names from Europe and the U.S. – and while you are here, you’ll be able to check out your favorite bands in much smaller venues than at home. We picked out some of the live performances we’re excited for in 2014: Shows in Copenhagen this Spring >>

Tietgen Panorama Show SU13 (3)One of our favorite music publications, Pitchfork, recently ran an excellent article on underground Danish music, which you can read here. Some of the artists mentioned also made it on our compilation of undiscovered gems. Songs from the Danish Underground >>

We felt we should give some love to one of our close Scandinavian neighbors, with an introduction to some of the biggest names to come out of Sweden – many of which you are sure to have heard of… and, yes, Abba made the list along with the Knife! Super Swedes: Neighborly Love! >>

Last but not least, 2013 was a big year for Denmark when Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision song Contest – which is a big deal in Europe (honest)! And it means this year’s contest will be held in Copenhagen. So to catch you up on this phenomenon, we put together a list of previous winners from the 1950s through to Emmelie’s win last year. Enjoy!  2014 Special: Past Eurovision Winners >>

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