Evan: An Unforgettable Summer in Scandinavia

Meet Evan from Ohio State University. He started his summer studies at DIS Stockholm and then traveled down to DIS Copenhagen, building his own summer at DIS across three different sessions.

During his time abroad, Evan put down in words some of his most memorable experiences. He wrote about the impact that faculty, courses, and culture had on him, and the memories he made that he won’t forget any time soon:

 “The courses I have completed so far have easily been two of my favorite classes that I have ever taken. The faculty have been amazing – knowing their subjects extremely well, connecting with students, giving great recommendations about the city, and listening to our class feedback.

There are also countless reasons outside of the classroom as to why I’ll never forget this summer. To name a few – the friendliness of locals in both cities, exploring the various islands of Stockholm and the bike lanes of Copenhagen with friends, jumping off the Kastrup sea baths platforms, and trying every Swedish meatball place I could find in Stockholm.

All of these unforgettable experiences have given me a new perspective on life.”

Watch Evan’s summer video here to experience summer in Scandinavia through his eyes:

Find out more about a summer abroad with DIS

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