Underground Adventures

A few weeks before going abroad, I hit that “Wait…do I really want to do this?” phase. In an attempt to hype me up, my mom casually asked, “Did you hear that Stockholm has really cool subway art?” At the time, I probably rolled my eyes and said “Whatever,” or something like that. But, as always, my mom was right. The pictures below depict the walls of every subway station I’ve been to so far:

Artist: Siri Derkert (Östermalm Station)

Stockholm’s subway system opened in 1950 and consists of 100 stations. 150 artists have decorated over 90 of these 100 stations. The entire underground art exhibition runs 110 kilometers long (about 68.3 miles!) along the red, blue, and green lines.

Tori at Södermalm Station

According to various websites, the following 14 stations have some of greatest works of art in Stockholm’s exhibition: Stadion, Solna Centrum, Thorildsplan, Bagarmossen, Citybanan – Odenplan, Kungsträdgården, Solna Strand, Tensta, Östermalmstorg, Hötorget, Tekniska Högskolan, Hallonbergen, and Mörby Centrum.

Only 96 more stations to go!

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