Create a Pathway for Your Career this Summer

Have you ever thought about how the study abroad experience could influence your future career? Hear from past summer students on how their DIS courses impacted their interests and career paths:

Jumpstart Your Business


Corina, University of Hawaii at Manoa, took Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe. This class gave her the opportunity to work for a start-up that created an application to help meetings run more efficiently. Corina also outlined her own start-up idea with her classmates for the course’s group project.

>> Read about Corina’s experience working at a Danish start-up

Receive Constructive Feedback from Professionals


Anuradha, Rhode island School of Design, was a part of the Interior Architecture Studio course. At the end of the summer, she presented and received feedback on her final project from Danish urban planning and architecture professionals.

>> Check out Anuradha’s final project

Immerse Yourself in Hands-on Learning Experiences


Darcy, Franklin & Marshall College, while in the Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach course, visited local hospitals to meet with Danish doctors and medical researchers. She experienced the Danish healthcare system in action. On one Field Study, Darcy had the opportunity to use an instrument that modeled the surgical technique of laparoscopy.

>> Learn more about Darcy’s ‘Medical School in Three Weeks’ experience

Get Inspired to Make Positive Change


Kate, Washington University in St. Louis, traveled to Northern Germany on Study Tour with Renewable Energy Systems to learn about Germany’s energy transition from fossil fuels to wind power. In reflecting on her Study Tour, Katie said, “There are people in all sectors working towards radical change, and it’s inspiring to see.”

>> Travel with Katie on her Study Tour to Germany

Meet Your Mentors


Amelia, Northwestern University, was inspired to follow paths toward becoming a journalist after meeting with an American reporter during her Study Tour to Belgium with the Propaganda: Fakes and Facts course.

>> Read more about Amelia’s Study Tour in Belgium

Ready to pack your bags for a summer in Scandinavia? Applications are due April 1!

>> Check out the courses offered this summer in Copenhagen and Stockholm
>> Learn more about DIS Summer

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