Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Document Your Experience Abroad

Study abroad is truly a once in a lifetime experience! You learn about yourself, meet interesting people, and share new experiences with your peers and faculty. Also, there are so many ‘firsts’ you may experience. Maybe this is the first time you’re leaving your home country? Or the first time you are living with local hosts? You are going to want to remember your time abroad. Here’s our advice on how to document your experience:

20180814f239e6a0-6231-42e6-b4d3-50980ae53ec2x1280Sp14AdStudyTourStockholmAlyssaEngle41Take Meaningful Photos
You are going to want to take photos of your experience abroad. This is great! But, make sure to balance getting the shots you want and staying in the moment.

Remember the Little Moments
Study abroad is filled with big feats, like visiting high-profile companies on Field Studies and visiting other countries on Study Tours. But don’t forget to notice the little moments that occur. These can be a meaningful conversation you had with your host parents over breakfast, the feeling you have after your first bike ride exploring your city, and the taste of a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day. These little moments matter and they can have the same impact on your abroad experience as the big feats.

FA15 Uncover Iceland Lava Fissure snorkeling (73)
Keep Your Family and Friends in the Loop
Remember to keep your family and friends updated on your adventures. And, do something more than just posting something in a group message. Get practical and put your memories on a blog. Make your family and friends feel like they are experiencing your semester abroad with you! They will love it!

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