A Quick Look at the ‘Meaning of Style’

This session I am taking the Meaning of Style course, which teaches the ways that fashion impacts our daily lives, whether we pay attention to it or not.  We meet for about four hours every day, with a lecture in the mornings, and either a hands-on activity, special visitor, or a field study in the afternoon.  The class has made me think more about the way I am influenced by fashion and popular culture, as well as the ways in which we judge and understand others through what they wear.  As a psychology major, this is a course that I would not have taken, yet it has been enlightening and interesting to learn about.

Group picture from field study

On top of learning about fashion in the classrooms, we have gotten to go on trips and meet with leaders in the Copenhagen Fashion world.  Last week, we went to the Frederiksborg Palace to look at the fashion of the Danish elite from the 1500s through the early 1900s.  This Tuesday, a Trend Forecaster came to talk to us about how she looks at popular culture, world politics, and lifestyle trends to predict fashion and interior design trends.


On Wednesday, we discussed how we perform gender through clothing, and learned about the performance of gender through drag.  Essentially, we talked with some amazing drag queens and dressed up and did our makeup.  It was the most makeup I had ever worn, but it was empowering to dress up and learn about alternate perspectives on gender. Finally, on Thursday, we went to the Danish Design Museum to look at some of the things we have discussed in class.


Overall, I have really enjoyed the course, and have loved the ways in which it has allowed me to reflect and rethink my role in society and the fashion world.  I am sad that it will be ending soon, but I look forward to my next course!

Danish Design Museum

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