The Meaning of Style Experience

I am already 10 days deep into my time here with DIS and am approaching the end of my time in my first course. I cannot believe that I am already reflecting on Session 1 coming to a close, but here I am.

I have always been interested people and the things they do. Whether it be the type of music they like, the television they watch, or the hobbies they enjoy, it has always intrigued me how those things relate to who they are as people. After all, I am a Communications major, so I suppose it would be slightly concerning if I didn’t have interest in other human beings.

When choosing my courses for DIS, my primary priority was to pick the classes that were most relevant to my passions and seemed enjoyable. I am once again going to shout out my friend Tyler who was in DIS last summer and recommended this course to me. I would be lying if I said he did not influence my decision to take this course. However, I also did my own research and came to the conclusion that Meaning of Style was right for me. Particularly, the line “What do clothes say and how do we interpret them?” in the course description really seemed right up my alley.

While I am shocked by the class nearly being over, I am also genuinely impressed by how much we have learned and done in merely two weeks of class so far. The first field study we went on was a trip to the incredible Frederiksborg Castle in HIllerød. While there, we took a boat to the castle and were able to see not only how the high society of Denmark used to live, but also what type of spaces they occupied. The castle was beautiful, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Denmark.

We have also had a guest speaker Sara Ingemann visit our class and talk about trend forecasting. She is a great speaker and even gave us a sneak peek into what she believes to be the upcoming trends of 2019.

The Neptune Fountain at Frederiksborg Castle

One of the most eye-opening experiences we had was a Gender Bender Workshop where we met two local drag queens, heard their stories, and also tried our own hand at experimenting with how our own dress modifies our own gender expression. I dressed as a woman, put makeup on, and got a glimpse into their world. Truthfully, I would have never considering doing something like that before this course but now I am glad I was able to have that experience and gain some new insight.

Today, we visited The Design Museum of Denmark! One of my favorite things about it is that it emphasizes everyday items in Denmark and their importance. At this museum, you can see street signs, chairs, kitchenware, and more that are iconic and still prevalent in everyday Danish life. Anyone who is interested in either classical or modern design will love this place.

A small portion of an exhibit of iconic Danish chairs at the Design Museum of Denmark.

We have touched on a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to: The body itself, male and female body ideals throughout history, subcultures, analyzing, fashion text, and how we categorize people based on their clothing and the products they use. All of this was taught to us by Anders Larsen, the DIS faculty member that leads our course. He is knowledgeable, passionate, funny, and an engaging speaker as well. I have truly enjoyed this class with him and definitely recommend anyone considering DIS to think about taking Meaning of Style or at least a course with Anders. You won’t regret it.

I will leave you with this picture of the legend himself, Anders Larsen. I believe we were about to go to Frederiksborg Castle and his exact words here were “This is how I get my students’ attention.”


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