Life in a Kollegium

I live in the best kollegium, in the best part of town, and with the best group of people. No really, it’s true! The house is a mix of both Danish and DIS students, which is nice when you need some advice on how to navigate life in Copenhagen. My kollegium is located in Christianhavn, home to the Church of Our Savior and Freetown Christiana. Paper Island is a 15 minutes walk and DIS is a 15 minutes bike ride. Islands Brygge is less than 1 km away, and there are easily 3 grocery stores within a 2 km radius. The Royal Library and Tivoli are right across the canal, and Amager beach is less than 30 minutes by public transport.

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Living in my kollegium means each floor shares a kitchen and bathroom with 12 others. We have our own rules and cleaning schedules. Sometimes we have floor dinners in our common room. Other times, you’ll find one of us passed out on the living room couch with Netflix playing in the background. It depends on the day.

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I live in a single, so I have my own room. Despite not having roommates, it was not hard to get to know the people in the house and on my floor. Naturally, we spend a lot of time together. On a nice day, you can find us enjoying the sun at Islands Brygge or Amager beach. On a Friday night, we’re probably catching Tivoli fireworks from the park itself or from right behind our house. 🙂

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