#HangryGail goes on a DIScovery Trip

At this point, it kind of goes without saying that I have absolutely fallen in love with Sweden. But another great opportunity at DIS is the proximity to all of Europe and the ability to essentially go on any adventure your heart desires. I have heard from my friends all about their awesome trips to Madrid, Berlin, Rome, and the like, but when do you get the opportunity to go on a guided trip to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights? Or, in my case, the most fitting trip that may have ever been planned? DIS got your back.

Enter: DIScover Culinary France.

Okay. 5 days, the south of France, winery tours and tastings, cooking classes, cheese tastings, and charcuterie picnics overlooking Provence? Kind of how I imagined my honeymoon. Except instead of going with my new husband (hello, future husband, are you out there?!), I got to go with 19 of my classmates from Copenhagen and two fabulous, fun and super knowledgable guides.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to sign up for a DIS trip during one of the travel breaks. A lot of my friends from my home university are studying abroad across Europe, and I was torn between the idea of visiting them and getting to see familiar faces in new cities, and going on a completely unknown excursion where I didn’t know anybody. In the spirit of the road less traveled, I committed and signed up for my adventure across the south of France.
#NoRegrets. But actually. This was one of the best trips I have been on! Russ, our guide, knew so much about great wine and great food that we were in excellent hands (Pssst, DIS Copenhagen students: take the wine tasting class with Russ. You won’t regret it.). He planned three vineyard tours and wine tastings (including the winery that inspired Coco Chanel’s logo!), a gourmet cooking class, an olive oil tasting and tour of how olive oil is made, a fine cheese tasting, and multiple visits to local markets followed by a picnic with our best findings. I completely underestimated how awesome it is to go on a trip that has been organized and planned out by someone who is both passionate and experienced in the topic.
Aside from all of the #instaworthy adventures and visits we were treated to, it was so cool to get to meet other DIS students — DIScovery Trips are open to both Stockholm and Copenhagen students (find a full list of DIS Stockholm DIScovery Trips here, and DIS Copenhagen DIScovery trips here). It was also a super fun way to get to know new students and faculty in a non-academic setting. And, it goes without saying: my food Instagram was truly thriving this week.
When I got back, people asked me what my favorite part was. To be honest, I truly can’t pick one. For a foodie, this trip was literally a dream come true. (And, a pretty warm escape from the beginning of chilly Scandinavian winter!)
To sum it up, my parents were jealous of this trip, and they are the biggest food and wine aficionados I know. Moral of the story: GO on a DIScovery trip if you are at all interested in the adventure! Definitely one of the most fun and memorable few days of my semester.

Ab- “drowning in rose and cheese and baguette and warm weather” -by

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