My Swedish Island Adventure

So if you haven’t already heard, DIS offers several trips to various destinations throughout the semester, and I was fortunate enough to go on the first DIScovery trip to Gotland, Sweden! Although we were only there for the weekend, our schedule was packed with a number of outdoor activities…

Rock climbing and rappelling:


LOTS of Biking

Visiting ruins in Visby:



And walking along the shore:



It was so great to have the opportunity to see another area of Sweden different from Stockholm’s urban chic! From the green pastures covered with sheep, to the sandy shores splattered with rocks, to the quaint town of Visby rich with history, Gotland offered diverse experiences outside of the city. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have visited Gotland had I not signed up for the Swedish Island Adventure, and if I had, I’m sure it would have cost much more than the deal I got with DIS. Seriously though, DIS is so generous! Unfortunately, I am not signed up for anymore DIScovery trips, but I would highly recommend to go on one if you get the chance!

Side note:
Some of my favorite moments not featured above: Playing cards with Alison and Katie who led the trip (they work in Marketing and Communications) and re-enacting an iconic scene from The Little Mermaid:


Be sure to check out other blogs, and check back in for more updates later!



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