Q & A with William, DIS Alumnus in Stockholm


William studied architecture at DIS Copenhagen in the spring of 2006. Captivated by Scandinavia and its clean designs, functional spaces, and innovative architecture, he sought to move his career to Stockholm, where he now designs architectural structures and fully enjoys the contrast of Stockholm as an urban city and the surrounding natural landscape. We asked William to share some thoughts on how to meet the locals and explore Stockholm…

Q / How would you describe Stockholmers?
A / Stockholmers are unique. Not just in comparison to other countries or cities, but unique amongst themselves. They celebrate diversity and personal individuality, which is one of the reasons hipster culture became so big in this city.

Q / What cultural differences strike you?
A / The high quality of life is something you feel immediately; whether it’s the quality of the food, public transportation, or even work/life balance.

Q / What is your favorite weekend adventure?
A / Winter adventures range from skiing, kite skating on the frozen lakes, or simply taking a walk around the historic Gamla Stan. The city is just as beautiful with the freshly fallen snow as it is with the warm sun and blue sky. And in the spring and fall, the best adventure in Stockholm is going out to the archipelago on a boat and seeing the nature from the water’s perspective. There are saunas and cabins dotted all through the islands of the archipelago open to anyone who comes to them!

Q / What does your perfect day in Stockholm look like?
A / Coffee and a semla at a café, walk around the city, lunch in the sun, boat to an island with friends, then grill up dinner while sitting on the rocks watching the sunset. Perfect day.

Q / How can DIS students get to know the locals while living in Stockholm?
A / Be American. Swedes are quiet and not confrontational. Push yourself into situations and start talking with people. Be inquisitive, but not overpowering.

Q / What can they most look forward to about living in Stockholm for a semester?
A / The best thing will be living in a new city, and everyday exploring a different part of it, finding something unique around every corner. Stockholm has so much to offer if you look for it!

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