Student to Student: What Is Your Most Eye-Opening Experience Abroad?

DIS Student Blogger, Hattie Hoskins, asked five of her DIS friends to share their most eye-opening experience while living and learning abroad:

DIS Fall 2014, Casey Primeau:

After spending a few weeks in the Casey_Primeau_ViennaVenice: Power, Art, and Urban Space class studying the different types of Venetian architectural styles, it was amazing to actually see them in person on the buildings when we went to Venice over the first travel break. Each style stood before us as we sailed down the Grand Canal. It was amazing to identify features and styles from our textbook pages in real life!

DIS Fall 2014, Janabeth Ward:

My long study tour to Belfast in Northern Ireland really opened my eyes to the concept of nationalism, which we have been discussing in my core course, Cross-Cultural Communications. In Belfast, we took walking tours around the city where we saw murals and memorials that commemorated the city’s troubles. It was truly eye opening to be immersed in a culture so different from my own, and see the way history has shaped their identity.

Michael Christen, Cross Cultural Communication Long Study Tour Belfast (3)

DIS Fall 2014, Ben Giust:

During my long study tour in London, I had the opportunity to visit the Victoria and Albert museum, where I saw a display called Disobedient Objects. The exhibit included items used during protests and other acts of defiance where people came together against something they saw as wrong. It really struck me and made me realize that if we all come together we can achieve more than we may think.

DIS Fall 2014, Lizzie Holmes:

For the first half of my International Advertising in a European Context class we looked at how different brands have to consider the unique values that different countries possess in order to effectively advertise a product. Then, we had the opportunity to create our own advertising pitch for a Danish brand called Bang & Olufsen. It was really interesting to look at the ways in which Danish values differ from what we are used to back in the states in terms of advertising. We were even evaluated by someone from the advertising field, which was a great real world experience.

DIS Fall 2014, Queenster Nartey:

I can already feel the impact my Human Health and Disease class has had only my daily life. We have done a lot of practicals like learning how to suture, inserting an IV, doing an ultrasound exam and so much more. But what really stands out to me is talking to real patients and trying to figure out their diagnosis. Now, whenever one of my friends starts feeling ill, I start firing questions that I learned from my class to try to figure out why they aren’t feeling well. FA13 Medical Practice & Policy Core Course Week  (20)

 DIS Fall 2014, Evert Finger:

My entire life I have learned about, studied, and been inspired by Michelangelo’s artwork. He was my first research paper topic in third grade,
I dressed up like him and pretended to be him in my sixth grade classes night of the notables, and my senior year of high school he was the main inspiration for half of my art pieces when I tested out of I.B. art. My Classical and Renaissance Rome Optional Study Tour course here at DIS went to Rome, and I was fortunate enough to see not only the Sistine Chapel, but also Michelangelo’s Pieta. Those experiences are ones that I will forever be grateful for, and words truly can’t express how incredible it was to see my entire academic career come full circle.

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