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  1. Hey Sam, I’m interested in taking this class this summer. Could you give me some more details? Did you get a lot out of it? I’m an urban planning major with an interest in sustainability. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jessie!
      If you are an urban planning major with an interest in sustainability then you must definitely take this course. I’m an Architectural Studies major but I am very interested in urban design and urban sociology, and this was the perfect course for me.

      Like I said in my post, the class days are pretty much split in to two halves: the first half being a lecture/discussion in the morning based on the readings we did the previous night, and the second half being a site visit somewhere new in Copenhagen in the afternoon in which we were able to relate what we learned in lecture to an actual place. We would meet outside the school building and bike in one large group to the site. Fun! I guess I can tell you about an essay I wrote for the class…

      I don’t remember the exact prompt, but for my first essay (very short – one page single spaced) I analyzed Islands Brygge (the harbor-side park I mentioned in my post) as an urban space in the context of a couple of readings we did. One of those readings was “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces” by William Whyte, which essentially laid out the elements that Whyte believed to be the key factors in creating a successful small urban park: sunlight and shade, physical relationship between the park and the street, seating, and more). The second reading was called “Democratic Spaces” by Richard Sennett, which compared two kinds of ancient Greek spaces which each reflected different political ideals. We were then required to spend at least an hour and a half or two hours spending time in the space we chose, watching people and how they interacted with both the space and each other. I took a ton of creeper pictures of people in addition to doing some sketches and quick mapping. Then afterwards in our actual paper, we had to analyze the observations we made and relate it to the context of the two readings.

      Anyways, there were three essays we had to write for the class; one due each week. I honestly had a lot of fun writing each one of them, which pretty much reflects my attitude towards the course as a whole.

      Hopefully this helped and gives you a better sense of what to expect with the course! I truly feel that you will love it if you end up taking it, but either way if you have any more questions then feel free to shoot me another reply.

      1. Thanks so much for all the info! It sounds like you had a really great time. I guess I’m just wondering if you feel like you got a lot out of it, in terms of new/more developed skills or furthering your career or major. Also, were you able to do an internship afterwards? My issue is that I’m concerned that if I do this program, it ends mid-June which would preclude me from doing an internship which usually starts beginning of June.

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