The Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About the Incoming Spring 2014 Students

With only two days left until the official day when students arrive to Copenhagen, DIS Staff and Faculty are waiting anxiously for the spring semester to come. In case you haven’t caught our excitement just yet, here are some facts to give you an idea of what the spring students are all about!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. The most popular birthdays are March 1, 1993 and May 27, 1993, with the first falling on the first Week-Long Study Tour!

Student Submitted Photos FA11 (34)2. 86% of incoming students identify as tidy. We’ll be taking a second poll at the end of the semester, next time hearing from hosts and roommates!

3. There are 41 languages spoken, all with varying degrees of fluency. Most interestingly, 4% can speak a Scandinavian language. Jubii!

4. The most popular name weighs in at 26 Emilys. Go get ‘em… Em!

5. These four airports will be swarming with the most DIS students: Newark as the most popular, and Toronto, Paris, and Chicago tie for runner up. Attach your DIS luggage tag to your carry-on and be on the lookout for fellow classmates!

FA13 Arrivals Week  (3)6. There are 180 different universities represented this spring semester, with citizens from 23 different countries.

7. The tallest student is 6’7” – and fitting right in with those Danes.

8. This semester, New York is the most represented U.S. state. From the Big Apple, to wonderful Copenhagen!

9. There will never be a dull moment on Vestergade this spring, as nearly 2/3 of the student body identify as extroverts!

10. The favorite hobbies include: cooking and music. The two go great together – rock on and get acquainted with Danish cuisine.FA13_Cooking_Class_Danish_Christmas_Emily_Lavieri-Scull_2

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