Welcome Fall 2013 Students!

The fall 2013 students are finally here and Vestergade is buzzing once again, with an exciting and nervous atmosphere running through DIS buildings!

Arrivals Day FacebookSunday arrivals brought an afternoon of unpacking and exploration of new surroundings. Monday morning’s Opening Ceremony gave students the first sight of the entire fall 2013 class (check out our Instagrams!). Anders Uhrskov, director of DIS, urged students to jump into immersion, to reflect on their experiences, and to think critically while at DIS. The students listened on, and held on to his inspiring words, with many laughs in between.

Anders_Opening CeremonyOrientation groups splintered off into the Amazing Race and stumbled upon Copenhagen’s most exciting spots. Wednesday’s Immersion Fair encouraged students to jump into something new, and presented opportunities to engage across Copenhagen. Finally, Thursday was all about the heart of study abroad – classes.immersion fair overview

Highlights of the week included many firsts: meeting DIS staff and faculty, a visit to Studenterhuset, a walk through Gammeltorv and the DIS area, a REAL Danish pastry and hot dog, an introduction to Copenhagen transportation – the list goes on. Students repeatedly heard Danes described as “nut onions” – hard to crack with many layers to peel away. Students settled into host families, kollegiums, folkehøjskoles, communities, and apartments across the city and into suburbs, where they shook countless hands, met more faces, and learned to navigate themselves home and back again. Yogurt in a milk carton was a surprising and confusing concept, transportation provoked some nerves, and biking was admired from the sidewalk (and maybe now not just admired!).  Yet, what does this all look like from the student-standpoint? Follow what they’ve been up to with the #DISabroad hashtag on Instagram! Here’s a sample of images. Welcome, fall 2013 students!

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